Here’s what readers are saying about Murder at the Minyan:

“A well-conceived, easy-to-read fictionalized account of many factual aspects of Jewish life.”

- Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter, September/October 2007

I believe every rabbi and every shul goer who reads this mystery will nod in understanding and recognition at every page and enjoy a really good mystery as well.
- Rabbi Joel H. Meyers, Executive Vice-President, The Rabbinical Assembly

“Shulamit Kustanowitz exhibits great knowledge of synagogue life and infuses her novel with words that painlessly teach the richness of classical Judaism as it applies to the many issues of modern living.  Readers will easily identify with the characters whose portraits she lovingly paints.”
            - Rabbi Jerome M. Epstein, Executive Vice-President, United Synagogue of

“This delightful novel brings to life the realistically contentious suburban synagogue, with its diverse and colorful membership.  My only regret was the book's brevity!”
           - Meri Schachter, Book Club Leader, Bergen County , New Jersey

“Kustanowitz is following in the tradition of Kemelman and Telushkin.”
            - Dr. Richard M. Latkin,
New Jersey

“Ms. Kustanowitz has written a unique ‘who done it’ with wit, sensitivity, and insight.”
            - Ronnie C. Foont,
New York

“Murder at the Minyan is a fast paced novel which allows us to vicariously experience the ups and downs of being a rabbi in a suburban Jewish community.
            - Dr. Wallace Greene, Director of Jewish Educational Services, UJA Federation of
Northern New Jersey  

Readers who enjoy a good mystery, are interested in family relationships and want to learn about Jewish values and practicies will enjoy this book. An incident involving an estranged child is especially moving.”
Nancy Weisberger, Maryland

“I was especially impressed by the description of the non-Jewish section of the Old City .”
Marcel Shwergold, Jerusalem

“I DID feel like I was reading about all the shuls I’ve been a member of.”
Cheryl Gross, New York

“Kustanowitz has correctly and cleverly depicted all “31 flavors” of congregants.”
Rabbi Shelly Switkin, Adjunct Professor, College of , The Ohio State University

Murder at the Minyan combines a truly delightful mystery narrated with an ironic sense of humor and gives insight into a special world.”
             - Prof. Nancy Jaffe, Los Angeles  

I just finished reading your excellent novel, and thoroughly enjoyed every page.”
             - I. Alan Cohen, Florida


               Murder at the Minyan will make a great gift for Chanukah or any occasion.
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